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“Giving wine time and rest so it can become wine” is the basic principle of our cellar work. A steady “becoming,” rather than our own “doing” is in the foreground. Permanent interference and manipulation, whose goal is to produce as predictable a product as possible, is not what gives wines their character. Rather, with a minimal amount of help and handling, wines to acquire character on their own. Our cellar-philosophy is pure minimalism! No additives, no adulterations, and no exaggerated techniques: a closely-monitored “Laissez –faire” governs our wine-making process. For this reason, we only allow ourselves to bottle our wines when the time is right. We aim, not to market the wine as soon as possible, but to give it enough time to develop and evolve. That is why our Location wines are not available until the summer of the year after the harvest, and why, at the earliest, our reserve wines  come onto the market an entire year after the harvest.