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Andreas Harm

about himself
In addition to my position as researcher and consultant in biological viticulture, my practical side has come more and more to the fore over the years. Out in the vineyard is where I feel at home, where I’m free to just be.

Maria Harm about herself
Wife to Andreas
Mom to Johanna, Maxi, and Mimi
I love supporting my husband oudside in the vineyard and in various tasks over the course of the year
I take care of the “HarmWineGarden” project.
I enjoy cooking, eating, and drinking




Johanna, Maxi, Mimi and Ignaz Harm
Johanna (13), Maxi (10), Mimi (Maria) (7) and Ignaz (2), are our three happy children, always full of good ideas. The vineyards offer our children undreamt of possibilities and paradise-like freedom, into which they throw themselves with all their might. In their spare time they are also fearsome grape, fruit, and vegetable pests.