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For our grandparents’ generation, using the space between vines for vegetables, herbs, and fruit was logical, a matter of course. That is why our grandmothers are still famous today for their flavorful tomatoes and peppers, and for having the earliest cucumbers far and wide... what a paradisiacal image!
Based on this old tradition, we want to bring a part of our Vineyards back to this diversified method of cultivation. Pure vineyards should once again become gardens of diversity and pleasure. That is how, in 2012, we began to plant tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, red beets, garlic, shallots, and even potatoes between the vines. The plants grew and flourished and we were amazed by an excellent harvest between the vine rows. That’s where the dried tomatoes come from... as well as the herbs, garlic, and other spices. Whatever we can’t eat ourselves, we give away fresh or as processed products (dried, pickled, made into pesto...) to our particularly “good” customers!



...is an umbrella term that encompasses and describes all aspects of the living world, starting from the smallest bacteria and stretching all the way to age-old mammoth-like trees. We want to maintain and promote this diversity in our vineyards and the gardens that surround them.
That is why we maintain and care for our stone walls, mow the surrounding meadows and “Gstetten” and also set up accommodations for insects and small animals.