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Wachau is a world-cultural heritage site whose history dates back thousands of years, so the location is a product of nature as well as the cultural activities of the people who influenced this part of the Danube. This symbiosis of man and nature created a unique microclimate that is notably well-suited for cultivating white wine. From the climatological point of view, Wachau is situated in a transitional zone between the hot pannonian continental climate, and the damp, Atlantic-influenced west. This meeting is tamed by the current of the Danube, whose regulating influence prevents either of the two powers from becoming too strong.  As so often happens, this collision of different climate worlds lays the groundwork for the development of inimitable wines.
In addition to the climate and the Danube river, the site’s geological conditions also contribute to the foundation of Wachau wines. Crystalline rocks such as granite and gneiss are the starting point for the poor, primary rock soil on which vines feel very comfortable and on which, year after year, they can produce wines of outstanding quality.